Merger of PerformOUTKC & Fountain City Performing Arts


Merger of PerformOUTKC and Fountain City Performing Arts


Kansas City, MO – On behalf of PerformOUTKC (POKC) and Fountain City Performing Arts (FCPA) teams, we are very excited to announce that our two, independent-minded community arts programs are coming together to make one powerful artistic endeavor for LGBTQ youth.

Our new combined institution will be called Fountain City Performing Arts – one organization united by the best of both programs. It is a strategic merger to educate and enrich youth through the performing & creative arts.

FCPA – Fountain City Performing Arts believes in connecting youth of all backgrounds, featuring individual talent to create innovative and original artistry to promote social justice, equality and empowerment.

POKC – PerformOUTKC provides a safe, inclusive atmosphere for youth of any and all identities, fostering positive identity development through creative expression.

FCPA’s initial project, “Empowering Adolescents, Encouraging Youth Participation in the Arts” will showcase both groups mission and visions. Plans are already underway to offer monthly performing arts and empowerment workshops to more than 150 youth; including music composition, spoken word instruction and a host of visual arts opportunities.   

This new and excited organization plans to support youth in their individual development with authentic and expressive artistry to make the world a better place.

For more information about Fountain City Performing Arts (FCPA) or to participate in the program, please visit us online at